Dolly asks Annie to help out with Sam while she's working. Annie agrees but rebukes her saying that she only calls when she wants something since Matt left. Rachel worries about Lucy being missing overnight. Nick becomes embarrassing in his attempts to flirt with Zoe. Joe tells Pete that he is envious of him and Lynn having a baby. Zoe asks Lynn about chlamydia psittaci and she invites her to speak to Kathy in The Woolpack. Dolly's surprised when Kim wants to enroll her on a book-keeping course for six weeks in Skipdale. Zoe meets with Kathy who agrees to talk to her. Kate goes searching for Lucy. Zoe tells Kathy that Chris fancies her and they talk about Kathy's miscarriage and Jackie's death. Kate finds Lucy caught in the snare. Amos asks Chris to take the part of Dracula in the play, but Chris isn't interested. Mark, Dan and Gary return to their snares to find one missing. The vet discovers that Lucy's leg is broken but otherwise gives her the all clear. Mark arrives home and asks Joe how to properly set a snare. Joe shows Mark what happened to Lucy and he is full of shame. Kathy agrees to be in Amos's play. Amos is forced to ask Seth to play Dracula. Frank's surprised when he discovers from Zoe that Kathy is renting a smallholding from him. Joe tells Kate he thinks Mark set the trap. Rehearsals get underway for the play. Pete drops out when he finds out he will be playing opposite Rachel. Frank discovers that Kathy owes him £200 in back rent for September from her smallholding. Joe tells Kate he wants her to be a partner in the farm.


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