Kathy worries about paying the rent on her land. Alan overhears her talking about Frank's plans for the land. Mark, Dan and Gary check their traps, they find a mink but don't know how to kill it. They decide to abandon the idea of catching them. Sarah nails up the interconnecting door between the farmhouse and the cottage. Frank tries to convince Zoe not to give up university. Alan enquires about his tenancy agreement. Mark tries to pass on the mink traps on to David but he storms off insulted when he discovers they were Joe's. Frank tells Alan he has great plans for the estate. Seth has food poisoning and tells Amos he won't be able to appear in the play. Pete agrees to take his role back from a struggling Nick. Lynn finds some dead bluebottles on an old costume. Nick stores them away for future use. Chris argues with Frank over his treatment of Kathy and her land. Sarah and Jack laugh as Annie tries to get through the nailed door. Amos treats Seth to a brandy in an effort to cure what he thinks is nerves but Seth persists that he has a stomach upset. Chris asks Kathy out for a meal after the play but she declines. As Lynn prepares the actors hair and make up, she makes a mess of Rachel's hair and reveals she knows about her affair with Pete. Rachel admits she's not sorry and they can't have much of a marriage if Pete was looking elsewhere. Everyone is nervous as the crowd gathers to watch the play. Seth accidentally goes on stage without his fangs. Rachel warns Pete that Lynn knows about their affair. Chris offers to lend Kathy money to pay her rent but she refuses. Eric arrives at the scene where he eats fake bluebottles, but spits them out on stage when he discovers they're real. The crowd love it but Amos is mortified. Pete confronts Lynn and apologises for his affair. Amos is upset that the audience saw the play as a comedy rather than a tragedy. Seth passes out in a coffin.


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Jack Sugden: "You don't think a few nails are gonna keep Ma out do yer?"
Sarah Connolly: "Well, if this doesn't work, I'll just have to nail her down."

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