Amos is upset when he reads a review of the play in the Hotten Courier. Frank asks Zoe to accompany him to the Fish and Game farm following an invitation from Alan. Kathy asks Frank if she can pay her rent in installments, but he tells her not to bother as he is not going to renew her license. Amos vows not to contribute to the Courier again and Henry finds the paper in the waste bin. Frank and Zoe visit the fish farm. Alan tells them that Seth is off work claiming he caught a disease from the fish. He turns down Zoe's offer to take a water sample. Jack asks Kathy to pretend that Sarah's washing is her's so Annie will dry it for her. Zoe is about to throw her notes and text books out when she comes across a water born bacteria which could affect people working with fish. She waits for Alan to lock up the fish farm before sneaking into take some water samples. Nick asks Jack if he can borrow some weedkiller from the farm and treats the paths at Home Farm with Agricultural Herbicide, accidentally spraying some in the river. Pete is concerned about Rachel and tells her that Lynn wants to move away from Beckindale. Joe books a holiday in Hotten while Kate visits the doctors. Chris charms Kathy into going for a drink with him. Alan and Amos visit Seth in hospital, he makes the most of his illness. Chris asks Kathy for a date; she accepts. Joe and Kate successfully deliver a calf. He tells her that he's booked a holiday in Lanzarote and she tells him that she's pregnant.


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Zoe Tate: "I thought Joe Sugden was the most condescending prat I've ever met but that was before Alan Turner."

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