Kim is still angry over Champion and tells Zoe that she will sue if her mares are pregnant. She mentions that she is thinking of joining the local hunt, but does not dare tell Frank as he is opposed to hunting. Zoe calls on Alan to tell him that Kim has agreed to look closely at Champion to see if he is suitable for her mares. Chris asks to meet Kathy later. Alan takes Champion over to Home Farm and tries to bribe Kim by saying that he will propose her for the hunt if she doesn't sue him. Jack show off the new transport for the farm - a Big Bear bike. Chris tells Zoe that he doesn't want to go to Frank and Kim's anniversary dinner but she persuades him. David asks Mark to come and stay with him while Kate and Joe are away again; he refuses. Alan suddenly realises that his VAT returns should have been done and forces Elsa to work late; she misses her date with Nick. Chris has to cancel his meeting with Kathy so he can stay in for Kim and Frank's anniversary. Amos bans Seth and his friends from the tap room when he finds out about the drink spiking incident. Chris accuses Frank of having an affair with Kim while his mother, Jean, lay dying. Frank doesn't deny the accusation. Nick's first date with Elsa is spent in Alan's house. Frank tells Kim, Zoe and Chris about how he nursed Jean and had to watch her die; he admits giving her an overdose. He tells them that he's not proud of what he did but he won't feel ashamed either.


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