It's early morning and as Amos clears up outside The Woolpack he notices some graffiti on the wall - 'Frank Tate killed his wife'. Chris notices more graffiti at the haulage office. Meanwhile at Home Farm, Nick is told to clean paint off the lawn, someone has daubed 'Killer Tate and his tart live here'. Jack tries to stop Joe selling the steroid injected calves. Henry tells Frank about the graffiti at The Woolpack. Joe stops Kate going to see David when he tells her about asking the kids to go and live with him. Kim persuades Frank to host the Hunt Ball. George Starkey asks Eric if he has got any work going. Chris rushes in and attacks him. Amos receives a call from someone offering to tell him the whole story about the Tates. Sgt MacArthur calls on Amos to ask about the graffiti. Kim asks Dolly if she could cater for 150 people. Rachel asks Mark why he is so against Joe and Kate having a baby. Sgt MacArthur questions Frank about Jean Tate's death. Alan has a problem about who to take to the Hunt Ball. He asks Elsa, but she quickly covers that she can't dance. Seth suggests Rosemary. Amos meets up with George Starkey who tells him all about Kim and Frank's affair and the 'murder' of Jean Tate. Rosemary accepts Alan's offer of a night out at the Hunt Ball. Chris calls on Kathy and pours his heart out to her. Alan is shocked to find out about Frank. Henry gets him to see that Frank is probably innocent, but Amos has written an article for the Hotten Courier. Chris and Kathy share a kiss.


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Sgt. MacArthur: "No-one in the pub last night acting funny?"
Seth Armstrong: "Only Amos."

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