Elsa is annoyed when Kathy gets a job at The Woolpack while she continues to be stuck in the house. Kathy tells Nick she likes working to keep her mind off her breakup with Chris. When Nick says she should stop working at Home Farm, she says she can work with Chris, but she later lashes out at him when he nearly runs over Kim and her horse. Elsa decides she prefers karaoke to evening class and is horrified when her deceit is discovered by Joe and Jack - who are also in good voice. She arrives home late, much to Nick's displeasure, but he forgives her. Sarah receives an oddly personal lesson in sheep shearing. Chris and Frank argue over Frank's plan to steal one of their own lorries; Frank is for it, Chris against it, and as Frank begins to change his mind, Chris does the same. Kim picks up on their secrecy. Zoe gets her job in New Zealand and has to be in London by the next day. Archie is less than pleased, but helps her sell her car to Eric without being ripped off. Michael continues to push forward with wedding plans as Rachel continues to hide her reluctance.


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