Reverend Ruskin is stressed as he makes the preparations for the Sunday School concert. Dry offers his assistance. Joe wonders to Annie what Matt would think if he and Christine moved into Hawthorn Cottage. She tells him to ask him. Ethel rings for Henry at The Woolpack again. Henry has Amos tell her that he's not there. The villagers gather for the Sunday School concert and laugh when Sam appears on stage dressed up with the children. Henry tells Amos that he saw Ethel in the back of Dan Middleton's car after the show. Amos taunts him by pointing out that Alison was saving a seat for Matt at the concert. Matt and Joe consider selling sheep to Dan, they manage to get him to consider paying a high price. Franklin complains about Diana to Henry in The Woolpack. Henry is cool with him. When Matt and Joe arrive to discuss their sheep sale, Henry is angry with Matt and refuses to sell them. Briddy Middleton arrives at the farm to bid on the sheep.


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