Kim and Joe have gone out for an early morning ride to try and catch the dry stone thieves. Seth calls to see Elizabeth and suggests to Michael that she might have spent the night with Eric upon discovering she's not there. Elizabeth has been looking after Alice for Nick. Joe takes pictures of the thieves stealing the walling and one of them tries to attack Kim on her horse. Seth tells Archie and Carol that Meg wants him to start claiming his pension so she can have hers. He worries that Alan will find out he's a pensioner and sack him. Kim offers to look after Alice when Elizabeth has to rush off. Jack finds an aborted lamb on Lynn's land. She invites him to stay for a coffee and is pleased when he accepts. Elizabeth tells Eric she's not sure she can cope with the gossip. Lynn persuades Jack to stay for lunch. Back home, Sarah has made Jack lunch and is wondering where he is. Frank finds the photographs Joe and Kim took. Lynn does her best to entice Jack again, leaving him uncomfortable. Rachel argues with Mark over his untidiness and threatens to tell Joe. Lynn is rejected by Jack again. He tells her he will be honest with Sarah. Elizabeth asks for Rachel's advice about Eric. Rachel encourages her to have fun. Jack tells Sarah that Lynn was pretty direct. Sarah vows that she won't get away it this time. Mark is furious to discover that Michael is repainting his lounge green and starts to paint over it in purple. Elizabeth talks to Kim about Eric. Kim advises her not to let the gossip bother her.


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Seth Armstrong: "I'd go mad if I didn't 'ave my work. Stuck at 'ome all day? I'd 'ave to talk ter our Meg."

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