Archie is keeping Seth's money safe. Sarah nearly runs Lynn over in the village. She feels guilty when she sees how tired Lynn is looking and offers her a lift home. Eric arrives home and is eager to see Elizabeth. She tells him that she has been away too. Seth has lost his memory and doesn't want any alcohol. Alan thinks that he is faking it. The atmosphere is strained between Lynn and Sarah. Lynn says that she understands why Sarah attacked her in the pub. Archie continues to accuse Alan of putting Seth's life at risk. Alan refuses to believe that there is anything wrong with him. Eric warns Alan to leave Elizabeth alone. Alan tells Carol that he is going to start following Seth to prove that he hasn't lost his memory. Elizabeth tries to ask Eric where he has been, but he evades the question and she becomes suspicious. Sarah is going to have an underwear party to raise money for Robert's school. Kathy goes to see Lynn and tries to talk to her to see what is really wrong. She tells her about how she felt when Jackie died. Lynn finally tells Kathy that she doesn't know what she is going to tell Peter when he grows up about how his dad died. She admits that she feels hate for Pete because he had an affair, but at the same time she loves him and would forgive him for everything if he walked through the door now. Seth is still vague about who everyone is. Alan offers him a pay rise in order to get him to confess that he is making his memory loss up, but he doesn't fall for that. Frank is really pleased when Chris asks his advice about decorating. Elizabeth and Eric kiss. They admit that they have missed each other. He promises that he will tell her where he has been but that he can't yet.


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