Lynn asks Archie to look after Peter. She is offended when he tells her that she will have to hurry back because he doesn't want to let Nick down. Kathy can smell something coming from the fireplace. Chris thinks that it is all in her imagination. Joe coaxes a promise of a drink out of Jack. Elizabeth and Eric are planning a cheap meal together. Mark is putting off revising again. He offers to help Michael with the shearing. Frank is pleased with the press coverage the holiday village received after the opening. He wants Joe to drop everything and design publicity handouts. Alan thinks that it is time he had a chat with Archie. He immediately gets Archie annoyed by asking about Alice and how he is looking after her. Alan is surprised to hear that she gets taken swimming, to playgroup and to a toy library. Archie storms out of the pub forgetting that he is meant to meet Lynn there. Jack admits to Joe that he has just been trying to make trouble for Frank. Joe asks him to help put the signs back so that holidaymakers stick to the paths. Lynn storms round to 3 Demdyke Row and accuses Archie of taking her for granted. She says that she is fed up of him living rent free at her expense. Mark lies to Melanie about how well his revision is going. She goes mad when she realises that he is not doing any. Kathy is still paranoid about the fireplace. Eric's meal is delicious according to Elizabeth. He is pleased that he no longer has to impress her. Everyone is complaining about the new barmaid at The Woolpack covering for Carol. Seth tells Archie and Bill that Meg has been on a spending spree and he doesn't know how. Michael is rude to Eric again. Alan apologises to Archie and gives him his full support. Melanie walks out on Mark.


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