Eric asks Elizabeth if he can cook another meal for her. Lynn complains to Kathy about Archie being unreliable these days. Kathy confides in her about the fireplace. She wants to talk to Eric about its previous history. Seth is not sleeping since Meg bought a duvet. He has forgotten to open a letter. Jack admits to Sarah that he has been a pain over Frank. Lynn and Kathy go into Hotten. Michael is getting on well with the sheep shearing. Eric cannot remember much about the fire surround except that it could have come from the vicarage next to the slaughter house cottages in Hotten. He mentions the smell that used to come from it. Kathy is shocked to hear that it cost £400. She is annoyed at Chris's extravagance. Seth has not been in The Woolpack at dinner time which puzzles Bill and Elizabeth. Michael offers to help Mark revise. Kathy starts on Chris the moment he comes home. She wants to know why he spent so much on the fireplace. Chris storms off. Alex finds Kathy a bit down. He admits that perhaps he left the fire on a few times and she laughs. Lynn arrives for a meal at Mill Cottage. She ends up going out with Kathy and Alex. Seth tells Alan that he is in debt with his credit card. No one can understand because Seth claimed that he never used his new one. Jack has altered all Joe's walks so that they avoid Emmerdale Farm land. He is on collision course again with Joe. Chris has filled Mill Cottage with flowers, but Kathy is not impressed with his apology. Seth tells Alan that someone has been using his credit card and that he hadn't even signed it. Chris plays some funeral music very loudly and covers himself with flowers before laying on the table. Kathy laughs when she sees him. Seth finally admits that Meg has been using his credit card over the phone.


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