Joe is in hospital. Jack is at his bedside when he wakes up. Kim and Neil are on their way home. She feels guilty and upset even though nothing has happened between them. Neil gets angry with her change of heart. Michael pretends that he doesn't know anything when he asks Annie about Joe. She is upset. Rachel and Mark are also upset. Kim arrives home and finds all her jewellery has been stolen. Frank is grateful to Neil for looking after Kim. Michael is worried when Jack tells him that Joe will probably regain his memory soon. Frank has had his grandfathers gold watch stolen. Steve offers Frank his help and Frank is taken in by his act. Mrs Wilson from Social Services tells Nick and Archie that everything is fine but that Archie must register as a childminder. Elizabeth helps Frank and Kim to clear up in their sitting room. She understands what it is like to be burgled. Steve reminds Michael that they have got to get rid of the stolen property. Michael wants nothing more to do with him, but Steve won't let go that easily. Nick and Archie suspect that Carol told Social Services about them. They want to get their revenge. Elizabeth finds out from Frank that Alan insisted on him keeping her on at the fish farm before he would agree to the sale. She tells Eric and they both feel guilty for the way they have treated Alan. They decide to ask him to be chief usher and he is flattered to help organise the wedding. Rachel is delaying going back to Leeds. Annie calls her stubborn and then starts on Mark about his future. Carol wants Eric and Elizabeth to have stag and hen nights. Jack tells Annie that he thinks that Sarah might propose to him on their anniversary. Michael is nervous in the Woolpack when everyone is discussing the break-in at Home Farm.


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