Jack is looking rough as he is having to do Mark's work as well. Annie is due back tomorrow. Archie is starting his childminding course soon. He has finished his famine for now. Kim comes back to the stables to find Neil there as a surprise. He wants her to find a couple of suitable mounts for the sons of some friends of his, the Drinkwaters. They kiss in the stables, but Kathy comes back and they have to move apart quickly. Elizabeth suggests to Eric that they start a joint account to pay for household bills. He seems a bit reluctant. Frank sees Kim and Neil together. She is telling him that she cannot stop thinking about him. He drops a piece of paper on the drive. Jack and Mark row again. Kathy finds a piece of paper on the drive. Elizabeth calls up at Lynn's to see Michael. Kathy shows Kim a receipt that she has found for a hotel which is registered to Mr and Mrs Kincaid. She speculates to Kim that Neil must be having an affair. Kim looks uncomfortable. Kathy goes on about it and suddenly realises that Kim is having an affair with Neil. Nick is freezing after standing in a lake all morning. Archie is still bitter about Carol. Seth takes a call in The Woolpack and finds out that if he had said "I listen to Hotten Rock n Roll show" he would have won £1000. He tells Alan who then answers the next call with that speech. Kathy is being cool with Kim. She tries to explain herself and the affair. She admits that she still loves Frank as well as Neil. Kim pleads with Kathy not to say anything to Chris. Jack is bad tempered with everyone. Mark quits his job. Joe comes round and asks if Jack has made a decision about Annie's money. Jack does not want to see the end of the farm and refuses to give in and they row. Jack calls Mark a lazy, selfish scrounger which Joe resents. He tells him that he is no longer willing to look after Joe's ex-wife's cast offs. Joe thumps him.


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