Joe still can't get hold of Mr. Sharp. Christine tells Joe that she has written to him stating they're getting married. Dry covers for Alison in the shop while she composes herself. Annie tries to console her. Paul calls into the shop looking for Dry. He tells Annie and Henry that Dry upped and left six months ago and they've been looking for him since. He reveals that Celia is Dry's fiancée. Reverend Ruskin discovers that Henry knows about Alison's past in prison. Dry invites Celia to the farm. Joe bumps into Mr. Sharp at a cattle market. Celia accuses Dry of being a coward, but he makes it clear that she pushed him into proposing. He tells her he has no wish to marry and doesn't want to abandon the life he leads. Celia vows to make sure he marries her. Dry walks out. Mr. Sharp warns Joe about marrying Christine, saying she's a dreamer and their marriage won't last.


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