The emergency services are still searching for Alice. Lynn wants Seth to do an interview with her journalist friend, Gavin Watson. He just wants news of Alice. Scott does not want to go to school, but Viv insists. Zoe has been sorting out the dead animal situation. She is worried about Frank when she sees that Kim is staying at Home Farm. Jessica wants to stay off school so that she can spend more time with Danny. Bernard is worried that she is getting too serious. Elsa is worried about Alice not being found alive. Michael is suspicious because Eric wants Elizabeth cremating. Seth tells his story to Gavin. Jack and Sarah are at Annie's bedside. Josh watches as Kathy drives away. Gavin wants to pay for Seth's prostate operation. He pretends that he was in the special forces. Gavin offers him a few nights in the hotel and then pumps Lynn for information on the villagers. She ends up telling him about Shirley's former life as a prostitute. Luke arrives for his first day at school on his motorbike, a ginger haired boy, Glen takes a dislike to him. Gavin goes to The Woolpack. Everyone is talking about the visits they have had from Royalty and the Government. He introduces himself to Alan and starts to ask questions about Shirley and her background. Alan denies any knowledge of Shirley being a prostitute, but Shirley overhears him. The search is still going on for Alice. Michael and Eric have a row. Eric insists that he loved Elizabeth. Josh is still waiting to speak to Kathy. Luke is telling schoolkids about his bike, but the ginger boy interrupts them. Shirley thinks that Alan is ashamed of her. Kathy is pleased to see Josh, but they both know that they cannot go off together now. Lynn gets another picture in the paper. Gavin offers to take her out. Viv finds out that Scott has not been at school and a search party is formed. Zoe finds Scott with Samson. He cannot get the sound of the horses dying out of his head. Alan tells Shirley that he doesn't care about her past. Alice has been reached and she is alive.


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