News of Ethel Ainsworth's impending marriage reaches the Courier. Joe asks Matt to be his best man. He sends a telegram to Jack informing him of the wedding and hopes he turns up. Annie, Sam, Joe, Christine, Matt and Alison visit Dan Middleton's farm for Beattie's birthday celebrations. Ben interrupts Matt reminiscing about Peggy to Alison. Ben makes a reference to them eventually getting wed at some point. Uneasy, Alison tries to talk to Matt but he rushes off to take a picture of the family. Later that night, Henry calls into the village store and subtly tries to find out how things are between Alison and Matt. Alison tells him that she's not going to marry Matt. She explains that she isn't in love with him and he isn't with her, he's just fond of her and that isn't enough for marriage. She advises Henry to find somebody else to run the shop as she's thinking of leaving Beckindale. Wilf Padgett, a builder, calls into The Woolpack looking for Henry. An upset Celia turns to Annie for advice. Annie advises her to go home and give up the chase as Dry isn't in Beckindale anymore.


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