Joe ponders postponing the honeymoon to fit in with work on the farm. Christine looks over brochures on where they should go. Reverend Ruskin visits Alison and hints that now might be a good time to tell Matt about her past. Christine sets her heart on going to Crete for the honeymoon, but is disappointed by Joe's avoidance on the subject. She plans to go into Harrogate again and Sam is suspicious of where she gets her money, which annoys Joe. Christine rings Celia but discovers she's left. Sam discovers that the Prescotts have disappeared. Annie tells him they've moved back to Bradford. Wilf and Henry make plans for the fireplace at The Woolpack. Amos isn't pleased with the plans and makes a fuss. Wilf walks out saying he'll return when they've actually decided. Henry invites Alison birdwatching again but she turns him down. Joe tells Christine he wants to postpone the honeymoon. Christine persuades him to go. Alison confronts Matt as to why she's not seen much of him and asks him what Louise has said. He tells her he knows she was in a mental hospital, but it makes no difference to him.


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