Alison confesses to Matt that she has been in prison for shoplifting. Sam complains about Christine dodging work to pop off to Harrogate and measure carpets. Amos wants Wilf to make the fireplace wider and with woodwork rather than stone. He makes out that Henry is fine with it. Joe confides in Annie that Mr. Sharp warned him off Christine, saying that her idea of being a farmer's wife is just another one of her fantasies that will pass. Annie is worried. Christine isn't keen when Joe suggests them moving into Hawthorn Cottage and using Matt's furniture until they get their own. Joe and Christine receive a rose bowl from Celia, apologising for not being able to attend their wedding. Joe's surprised to find out that Christine had invited her. Disaster strikes at The Woolpack as the chimney interior collapses during the installation of the new fireplace. Henry's pleased when Matt agrees to look into the schools he's picked for Sally and Samuel. Matt tells Alison that her being in prison makes no difference to him, but she says she wouldn't be able to go through with marrying him.


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