Jack prepares to set off for London. Joe explains to him about what Henry said, saying he also mentioned doing a spot of business but didn't mention what. Jack asks Matt to keep an eye on Joe as he departs. Henry arranges for Peters to act for Joe. He tells Marian that Joe's smitten with her, she says she doesn't like him that way. Janie flirts with Frank Blakey and they make a date. Joe decides to continue his education on the advice of Marian. Peggy views a cottage in the village, but realises it is far too expensive. Joe is full of talk at dinner of furthering his education. Marian says she has a feeling she's going to regret saying that she would help Joe with his studies. Janie asks Joe to take her on her date now. Frank makes a rare appearance in The Woolpack. Henry discusses farming with Frank and Amos. Janie and Joe kiss in the old Millhouse. Frank waits in The Woolpack for Janie as the pub starts to fill up. Janie's put off Joe when he talks about Marian, she reckons she's only saying she'll help him to study because she wants to go out with him. An annoyed Annie visits Inglebrook House.


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