Eric is busy making preparations for the robbery. He invites Alan for a drink. There is to be a meeting of the disaster committee to discuss what to do on the anniversary of the plane crash. Alan becomes more obstructive as he becomes more drunk. Eric meets his accomplices. Scott is still banned from the Tates' fireworks display. Zoe examines the Windsors dog and gives it the all clear. Chris arrives at the bonfire with Rachel. Frank and Kim are suspicious. Eric gets Alan so drunk that he passes out enabling Eric to leave the house unnoticed. Kim offers Biff a job at the Heritage Farm. Dressed as firemen, Eric and his gang cause a diversion at the stately home and successfully carry out the robbery. Swifty the dog escapes. The brat pack discuss their career prospects. The fireworks display goes off well organised by Vic. Rachel and Chris sneak a kiss which is witnessed by Kathy. Jack and Sarah seem to be getting on well. He tells her that he is going to sell the farm.


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