It is the morning after the robbery and Eric wakes up Alan telling him how drunk they both were the night before. Alan has no memory after he passed out, luckily for Eric. Kathy is upset about seeing Chris kissing Rachel. The Windsors dog worries Emmerdale Farm sheep. Sarah tells Jack that she does not want to leave the farm and that she intends to get a job. Kathy tries to see Bernard as she is feeling depressed. Sarah tells Jack that when she gets a job it won't have anything to do with farms or farming. She turns down Frank's offer of a seat on the committee, but Betty nominates herself for the job. Seth, David and Ned worry about money - or lack of it. Luke and Dolores argue about their future. Bernard asks Kathy for a chat. Seth, David and Ned try to catch the Windsors dog and try to bribe Vic. Frank tells Chris that he would be a fool to lose Kathy. He tells him that he heard him with another woman.


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