Joe's astounded when he discovers Christine has bought curtains from an expensive store in Harrogate. Annie takes over the remaining wedding plans. Sam points out that they need someone to give Christine away if her father doesn't turn up. Christine pushes to have the floor polished before they lay down the carpet. Joe becomes irritated by the amount of money they're going to be spending. Christine says she can pay for it and Joe's surprised when she says she has a few thousand pounds set aside. Alison has decided to leave the village and she informs Henry, who begs her to stay. She asks him to buy her share of the shop. The following day, Alison's irritated when it seems Norah knows about her leaving for good and Wilf passes the same news onto Amos. Annie asks Henry to give Christine away if her father doesn't turn up and wonders aloud if Joe has been swept off his feet by Christine. She hopes they're going into marriage knowing what they're doing.


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