Henry and Amos look at the near finished fireplace in The Woolpack. Amos isn't keen on the fireplace grate. Norah isn't happy that Wilf has returned to The Woolpack, leaving the shelves at the shop half finished. Henry sorts out the business arrangements for buying Alison's share of the shop. She's touched when he trusts her enough to give her the money before she's signed over her share. Annie's put out when she has to go down to Hawthorn Cottage to accept a delivery of chairs from an expensive shop in Harrogate, that Christine and Joe had failed to inform her about. Amos and Henry ask Wilf to work overtime through the night to finish off the job at The Woolpack. Tired of each other constantly changing the plans, they both agree to stay the night at The Feathers in order to not be tempted. Annie cleans up at Hawthorn Cottage and Henry passes by and sees her. She worries to Henry that Christine is forcing Joe to go along with too many things and asks Henry to have a word with him about it. Henry, Sam and Alison help Matt out on the farm in Joe's absence. Amos isn't keen on leaving Wilf overnight with the stock in The Woolpack and says they'll have to think of something else. Amos, Henry and Matt prepare to send Alison off with champagne drinks.


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