Matt admits to Alison that he doesn't think their relationship would have been right. Amos frets when Sgt. Marsden calls at The Woolpack and catches him, Henry, Matt and Alison drinking after hours. Sgt. Marsden warns them about a break-in in the area. The following day, Annie hears of the news and rushes across to Hawthorn Cottage. Sgt. Marsden warns her to move Joe and Christine's valuables over to Emmerdale Farm until their return. Alison does her last shift at the shop with Norah. Henry pulls her away early for a drink in The Woolpack. Matt and Sam move Joe and Christine's chairs to the farm. Later, Matt drives Alison to the bus stop and asks her to write. She jokes that she'll send him a rude postcard from Jersey. As the bus arrives, Matt wipes a tear away from her cheek. She gets on the bus and leaves, mouthing the words goodbye. Matt watches the bus disappear and gets back in his jeep, returning to the village.


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Henry Wilks: "So, now you're really off."
Alison Gibbons: "Yes."
Henry Wilks: "We'll... see each other again, won't we?"
Alison Gibbons: "'Appen."

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