Norah moves the items around in the shop. Henry calls in to help her, but she refuses his help. She gives Annie and Matt a ticking off when the eggs are late. Amos puts a table outside of The Woolpack for the customers to use while Wilf finishes off the fireplace. Annie's not happy when she calls in the shop for Sam's tobacco and finds Norah is no longer going to stock it. Shortly afterwards, Reverend Ruskin calls into pick up some bottles that Alison had promised him for the village fete, but Norah tells him she knows nothing about it. They both find themselves wanting to talk to Henry. Sam complains to Henry about his tobacco but is annoyed when Henry defends Norah. Henry plans to have a word with her when Reverend Ruskin informs him about their conversation over bottles for the fete. Annie quietly finds herself missing Joe when the farmhouse is too quiet. Henry goes to speak to Norah at the shop but discovers she's closed it. George looks for a place to publicly display The Butterworth's Ball. Henry suggests The Woolpack. He tries to talk to him about the shop but George rushes off, not having the time. Amos is suspicious as to why George suddenly wants to the display Butterworth's ball.


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