Sam and Annie speak to Joe on the phone in London. He says he and Christine are returning home later that day. Annie sorts out Hawthorn Cottage in anticipation of their arrival. She gives them a real lace table cloth which used to belong to her mother. Fred and Reverend Ruskin discuss the expenses for the church. Reverend Ruskin says he's struggling on their current budget. He's irritated to discover Wally has already been speaking to Fred trying to discourage him from giving more money. Norah hears gossip that George is planning on leaving Miffield Hall. Henry is annoyed when he arrives at the shop to discover it shut and a note on the door stating it will be closed from 12pm to 1pm in future. Amos is concerned that the developments at The Woolpack are affecting trade. Henry gives Norah a ticking off about closing the shop, wanting to know why the cover she promised hasn't appeared. Matt returns to Hawthorn Cottage with Joe and Christine after picking them up from the station. Joe carries her over the threshold. Christine's disappointed to find out the living room has been arranged in their absence. Joe's puzzled when Christine says she never realised the room was so small. Annie's upset when Matt returns to the farm without Joe or Christine, saying that Christine wanted to return to Hawthorn Cottage rather than the farm. She reluctantly agrees to go to the farm with Joe for their tea.


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