Amos leaves for his holiday but fusses over Henry running the pub in his absence. Annie receives a letter from Jack saying he's won an honour for his writing and asks Annie to go to Rome to be with him when he gets presented with it. Christine isn't sure if she'll return to Emmerdale Farm to work and mentions to Joe that Henry should stop her salary. Joe tries to talk her out of buying a dishwasher. They discuss her charging the furniture to her father and Joe's annoyed that they are beholden to him. He accuses her of stealing. A man called William Hatherwick, nicknamed Preston Bill, or P.B., introduces himself in the shop to Liz and Norah. He offers his services as an artist to the shop, but Norah says they aren't required. Norah warns Liz that Henry is planning to ask her to work in the shop part time. PB arrives in The Woolpack and offers his services if required to Henry. He compliments Henry on the pub but is insulted when Henry charges him for his drink, thinking his name would have got him a free drink. Sam discovers Fred is going to be the other umpire in the Butterworth's match. Sam's suspicious when he notes that Fred is from Beckindale and the other umpire has to be from Robblesfield. Annie, Matt and Sam are puzzled when Joe arrives for dinner at the farm in a sour mood. Liz approaches Henry about the part time job in the shop.


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Sam Pearson: "I can't see what there is to settle, Annie. They've got a house, beds, what's there to do?"
Annie Sugden: "It takes a while to make a house a home."
Sam Pearson: "Aye, but you don't do it by wasting time arranging the furniture different ways. When I go in that house, I never know where chairs are going t'be. 'Appen Joe goes up to see if t'kitchen's still in t'same place."

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