Frank lays down the law to Kim by telling her that she can stay until James' 1st birthday, as long as they don't row in front of James and give him a stable home, otherwise she's finished in Emmerdale. Kim thanks Zoe for saving her from being thrown out of Home Farm. Linda is not pleased to hear this as she has just been moaning about Kim to Zoe. Linda storms out of work, although later Zoe finds her and they have a chat about their individual grievances with Kim - but Zoe stresses that they must think of what is best for James and that is being with his mother. Roy fails to turn up for work and seems completely dis-interested in anything. Kathy decides not to buy Annie's Cottage from the Sugdens and that she and Alice will stay in the flat at the Tea Rooms. Marlon and Butch bang into Sophie at the Tea Rooms, after flirting, Butch gets embarrassed and flees with Marlon to The Woolpack. Kelly attempts to save her love affair, by blackmailing Tom by saying she will go and tell the authorities about their affair. This is in response to Tom's anger at her blowing kisses at him from the bus. Viv and Vic have a family meal together. However while she thought it was to initiate peace talks and they were ready to move on, Vic and Donna saw it as the first sign of Viv coming home. After dinner ends in a row, Viv ends up agreeing to letting Donna move in at The Woolpack with her tomorrow night. However neither Alan or Terry are pleased at this turn of events. Alice and Kathy sort through Dave's belongings. While romance is in the air for Rachel and Steve - now that both of them are single - as they spend the evening together and after Joseph goes to bed, both give into their feelings for one another.


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