A 'For Sale' sign goes up outside Crossthwaite's Cottage. Beryl is asking £10,000 for it. The Sugdens think it's extortionate. Sam and Hunter Bell compete with each other over plans for the harvest festival. Annie runs out to Joe in the field telling him that Christine's on the phone from Hawthorn Cottage. Annie tries to convince Joe to go and see Christine while she collects her things but he refuses. Kathy speaks to Henry about the possibility of letting the flat above the shop but he says they're using it as a stock room. She informs him that she's miscarried her baby and hints that her husband won't be with her. Henry promises to get back to her. Amos is convinced there is someone keeping Kathy in Beckindale. Later that night, Kathy calls round to Hawthorn Cottage to pick up Davey. Joe returns her bracelet and she informs him that she's staying in Beckindale.


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