Jack is jumpy after realising Frank has the book he wrote in his collection, but is relieved when Frank agrees to keep quiet. Marian tells Henry why she is reluctant to have another relationship.


Henry asks Joe if he would be interested in running Jameson's Farm for him. Jack angrily tells Marian that she should put Joe straight about educating himself to impress her. Joe informs Henry he'll think about the job, he also recommends Matt for it. Jameson calls in at The Woolpack for the first time in the last five years. Annie and Joe row over him trying to better himself for Marian. Janie and Frank have a drink together in The Woolpack. Jameson talks to Amos about the Sugdens and the Wilks. Peggy is down as she feels stuck in a rut. Jack drinks with Janie and Frank at Frank's cottage. As he is browsing through Frank's collection of books, he notices one entitled 'The Field of Tares' - it has his picture on the back cover. Henry and Marian have a heart to heart, she talks about having been recently engaged to someone who ran off and married another girl who was pregnant with his child. She worries about Joe getting the wrong idea now Henry has asked him to be farm manager. Henry advises her to take the holiday she was talking about and he'll deal with the Sugdens. Joe tells Matt that he has recommended him to be Henry's new farm manager. Frank assures Jack that he will not tell anyone about the book.


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