Sam is saddened to learn that Wally Lumm's pneumonia has got worse and plans to visit him. Annie calls to help when she finds out that his night nurse hasn't been able to make it due to the weather and Dorrie's on her own with him. The following morning, Annie receives a letter from Jean in Middlesborough. She keeps the contents of the letter to herself. Annie informs Henry that Jim blames James for breaking up Kathy's marriage and holds the Sugdens partly responsible for offering him lodging. Henry almost lets slip that it was Joe with Kathy on seedcut night. Norah notices two men looking around the village. They call in at the shop and the pub looking for Henry.


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Norah Norris: (to Amos Brearly about Wally Lumm) "I've known him since I were a girl, he were different then. A fine figure of a man he were. Big as you are... only his were all solid flesh."

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