Fiona is determined to make Tony pay the price for the death of her father during an army exercise in Guatemala. She's kidnapped his son Will and in a final twist dumps him in a grain silo which is being regularly filled. After a mocking goodbye kiss she calls Tony and challenges him to find his son - adding he'll survive about three days without food and water. Both Tony and Becky are beside themselves with worry - but will his SAS training help him solve Fiona's cryptic clues and win a desperate race against time? Kim brandishes Tara's cheque at Chris - which will replace the money she used from the Home Farm tax account. But Chris reminds her of the £350,000 hush money he wants to stop him informing the Fraud Squad and there's a tinge of sadness as Alan realises he might lose the latest love in his life, Jo. She is trying to sell her flat to finance a dream trip to America which will mean leaving her landlord lover.

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  • No episode was broadcast on Wednesday 1st October 1997 due to coverage of Champions League football, instead an extra episode was broadcast on Friday 3rd October 1997.