Fiona could have killed Will and now she's climbing into bed with him - none of which meets with the approval of his parents. But they're determined to keep the whole kidnap saga under wraps which is why Fiona has ended up at the Cairns' home after Will's dramatic rescue from the grain silo. Tony explains to Fiona how her father Tommy was killed, and says he didn't stop to pick him up because he feared for his own life. Rachel's affair has got everyone hot under the collar and she decides to cool things with Jack by taking Ned's advice to quit her job at the farm. Alan admits to Jo that he's in love with her. It will break his heart to see her leave. Jo says she feels the same and why doesn't he join her? Doug Hamilton has business dealings with the Tates and is in Emmerdale to strike a deal over the golf course. But before he gets there he's in big trouble with Kathy when his dog frightens her niece Alice.


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  • No episode was broadcast on Wednesday 1st October 1997 due to coverage of Champions League football, instead an extra episode was broadcast on Friday 3rd October 1997.