Cheating Jack is suffering the consequences of his affair with Rachel. First Jan, who's allowed him to stay with her family, is annoyed at his behaviour and demands he finds somewhere else to live. Then when he returns home to try to reason with Sarah all he gets is a key and a list of rules as to how their relationship will be conducted in the future. She also tells him he is only allowed in certain parts of the house. Kim gets an urgent business phone call which means she will have to fly to New Zealand. Steve reckons the stud - burned to the ground at Oakwell Hall on Bonfire Night - should be relocated to Home Farm. Kim thinks it's a good idea but Lady Tara takes more convincing. She has problems of her own with the ongoing vendetta waged by the Glovers. And this time she has to deal with a drunken Biff. Becky turns up unannounced at the foster home where Geri is being looked after. She lies to the foster mother saying how much her daughter Emma is missing her baby - and is later surprised by her husband's calmness when she admits she went to see her granddaughter.

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