An audio cassette tape in a plain envelope spells big trouble for Kim as the past finally catches up with her. The tape is from a blackmailer who says he knows all about Kim's involvement in the death of the 'lady of the lake' - and who the dead woman was. Lady Tara corners Steve with a sprig mistletoe and demands a kiss - only to be interrupted by a gleeful Chris. Billy finally arrives back at the caravan and Andy jokes he thought his dad had done a runner. Billy gives his son a small dog as an early Christmas present but then drops the bombshell that they're leaving Emmerdale. Jack gets the wrong signals from his estranged wife after they've been to Robert's Christmas school play. Marlon's cake is proudly displayed on a huge table in The Woolpack - and goes down a treat. Roy and Ned reflect on the deaths of Dave and Linda. And Mr. Magic lives up to his name and creates a real impression on Alice.


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