Sam's amused when Amos suggests himself as Church Warden. Tom visits Annie to plan her next lesson but she seems less keen. She tells Tom she's changed her mind about buying the car. Jim arrives at the farm to see Annie. She tells Jim he's being childish about the sheep and accuses him of being afraid of people gossiping about him rather than genuinely caring for Kathy. Her words strike a chord with Jim and he agrees to give back the sheep. The following morning, Liz drops by the farm with news about Jean. She's managed to find out that Jean is ill and her daughter Rosemary has been looking after her as she's still unable to return to work. Annie sends her some money. Tom tells Matt and Joe that Annie's decided not to buy her car. Joe and Matt are surprised as she's been saving up money especially for it. She's forced to admit to Tom, Joe, Matt and Sam that she's sent the money to Jean. Sam thinks she's been taken for a fool. Annie receives a phone call from Rosemary saying Jean has collapsed in the street.


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