Amos is inspired when Tom tells him he makes his own wholemeal bread. Norah pesters Amos to get in touch with Henry for her as she needs to speak to him about the shop, he tries to make her see that Henry wouldn't want to be disturbed but she persists in asking him. Sam bumps into Willy in the pub; he tells Sam that he'll be coming by to see Joe after he's stopped off at the Gimbels'. Annie gives Joe a ticking off when he fails to tell Matt that Willy's coming to the farm, knowing that he was going to visit the twins. Freda drops by to see Annie and apologises, saying it was Jim who was harbouring the grudge and she felt forced to go along with him. Sam thinks the Gimbels are up to no good with Willy. Matt suggests going halves on the car with Annie, to save him constantly using the landrover. Amos tries his hand at cooking bread and marvels when it's a success. He upsets Norah when he fibs that Henry has left a message with him saying he'll get back to her in due course as he's tending to matters that aren't so trivial. She storms out telling Amos to tell Henry to find someone else to run the shop as she isn't doing it any longer.


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