Lena helps Amos clearing up in The Woolpack. He offers her some of his homemade bread and inspires her to bake some herself when she admits she's never done it. Matt invites James to Dan Middleton's farm that night to see the twins. When she calls into the shop for yeast, Norah discovers from Lena that Amos is making his own bread and is puzzled as to where he gets his yeast from. James ponders talking to Jim about doing one of his cottages up to live in. Matt suggests he have a word with Jim for him due to the family's recent quarrel. The next morning, Joe arrives at Emmerdale to discover Matt has bought the car from Ben. Shortly after, James rings Amos to leave a message with Matt at the shop. Amos crosses the village green but runs back to The Woolpack when he sees Norah approaching. He catches up with Matt in the shop and Norah accuses him of spying on her because she was late opening the shop. Annie rings Matt to say she and Sam will be staying in Middlesborough for longer than expected.


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