James insists he's cooking the tea at the farm for once. He calls into the shop for provisions and is puzzled when Norah tells him to ignore the things Jim has been saying. Norah complains to Amos about the lack of interest Henry is showing in the shop. He does little to help her mood. Joe's amused when he finds himself having to help James with the tea as he's never cooked chips before. Norah tells Lena that she's had enough at the shop. In trying to comfort her, Lena unintentionally upsets her further, leading to Norah walking out and handing the key to her. Joe tells Matt he's gone ahead and booked a date to get the cows inspected whether Henry likes it or not. Lena locks up the shop and tells Amos that Norah's quit. Later that night, Henry arrives back from Bradford to an unwelcome reception from Amos and Joe.


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