Rosemary is staying in the farmhouse attic. She lies awake staring at the ceiling and feigns sleep when Annie wakes her. Matt suggests The Mill when Annie wonders where they can move James to. Henry tries to put Amos off advertising The Woolpack, stating that the majority of the things mentioned in the advert they can't offer yet. James talks to Henry about the gossip over him and Kathy. He worries what the school parents may have thought. Henry tells him if the residents disapproved of him, he'd know about it by now. Annie's suspicious when she sees Joe and Tom talking in private. Sam rounds up the village residents into discussing who is to replace Wally as Church Warden, hinting that he himself should replace him. Henry gives Annie two carving knives as a present from Bradford. Rosemary slips out the house when no-one's watching. Annie discovers she's missing shortly afterwards and sends Matt and Joe looking for her. Rosemary runs through the fields.


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  • The end credits for this episode are superimposed over footage of Rosemary Kendall standing in a field.
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