Joe and Matt continue to search for Rosemary and Joe finds her standing in a field. She apologises saying she was appreciating the quiet. Henry is insulted when Amos gives him a piece of his mind over his comings and goings. He puts Henry in his place by reminding him that he's senior partner. Rosemary asks Annie if it would be possible to write to her mother in hospital. Annie encourages her to. Annie asks her to inform them of where she's going when she leaves the farmhouse in future, just until she's more familiar with the village. Rosemary opens up to her about her father's death and Annie comforts her. Joe complains to Matt about how quiet Rosemary is. Matt thinks she's just shy. Henry tells Lena that he'd have to receive post office training and then teach her. Sam is appalled to find out that there may not be a replacement people's warden at the church. Henry quizzes Lena on Norah and Amos's relationship while he was away and is irked when she makes reference to the fact that she thought he'd left Amos in charge of the shop, not Norah. Joe meets Tom in The Woolpack and agrees to send a formal letter confirming that his marriage to Christine is not functioning.


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