Matt and James stops off at The Woolpack with Rosemary. She takes an interest in Amos and asks if she can go through to the back to look at what he's cooking. Amos warms to her when she tries his dish and compliments it. She asks him to tell her about Beckindale. Annie asks Tom what's worrying Joe, but he says he's asked him to keep quiet. Sam isn't pleased when he finds out Rosemary is with Amos and demands she go home. Amos is disappointed, having taken to her. Henry apologises to Joe and Matt for the length of time he spent away in Bradford recently. He assures them that an old friend at his old firm was having a financial crisis and he promised to help him out. Joe and Matt are relieved. Henry's shocked when he finds out that Joe has already gone ahead and placed an order for fencing without his agreement. Sam is disappointed to learn that Rosemary hasn't been baptised. Henry asks Lena about how people came to understand Amos had been left in charge of the shop in his absence. Lena explains that the only way that Norah could get in contact with Henry was through Amos and when she tried to get in touch with him, Amos didn't think it was important enough to contact him. Matt tries to make Joe see he was too hasty in ordering the fencing. Henry angrily confronts Amos about preventing Norah from getting in touch with him whilst he was in Bradford. Annie asks Matt what's bothering Joe and he confesses Joe's received a letter which he presumes is from Christine. Sam isn't pleased when James invites Rosemary to a concert in Leeds, believing she's too young.


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