Biff and Kim both have very different reasons to look shocked when they learn of Lady Tara's impending marriage. Biff can't quite believe she would have moved so quickly after the break-up of their affair and wonders if she's simply tying the knot to feather her depleted nest, Kim meanwhile is left spitting feathers when she learns that after the wedding Lady Tara is putting Laura in charge of her affairs at the Stud Farm, for the first time Kim appears to show some interest in Steve's plans to steal one of the stud horses. Mandy can't keep Paddy's cash-stash a secret any longer and blows the lot to her family. From being in the depths of depression, suddenly the dozy Dingles are riding high again, When Paddy comes into The Woolpack and is held aloft by Zak and Butch he realises Mandy has spilled the beans. Jack and Sarah are lumbered with Ned as a lodger after he decides he's not going to contest eviction from his farm. Roy begs sofa-space with the lads in Annie's Cottage.


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