Ever since her demise Kim has believed that she can climb out of her financial rut by fair play. But when a potential big-spending customer suddenly withdraws from a substantial deal with the Stud Farm after learning that Kim is involved, it is almost too much to bear. Now she is prepared to listen to the plans that her husband Steve has dreamed up to steal one of the stud farm horses. Steve is delighted and believes they'll make enough money to skip the country and lead the kind of lives they're more accustomed to. But Kim pulls back on the reins and tells him that they will play it her way or not at all. Paddy is offered a partnership in the vets practice - but it will cost him £45,000. He tells Zoe it's what he wants and is sure Mandy will understand when he has to tell her his offer to buy the Dingles home will have to be withdrawn. And there's a big surprise for Betty when she finds £5,000 tucked in her handbag. The money's been secretly put there by Biff who's sold the motorbike bought for him by Lady Tara. Biff hopes it will help Betty and Seth stave off eviction.