Paddy faces the wrath of the Dingles when he withdraws his offer of cash to save their house. He's been handed a partnership deal by Zoe but will need every penny of his savings as a deposit on the £45,000 she is asking. The worried vet breaks the news first to Lisa hoping he'll find a sympathetic ear. But she tells him to do his own dirty work. When Mandy finds out she flies into a rage and despite Paddy's pleas that that the partnership will mean a brighter future for them, she throws him out of the flat and insists that they are through. Kim astonishes Steve with her reworking of the horse robbery plan. She's thought of everything down to a lock-tight alibi. Now all they need to decide is when. Betty is left ashen faced when she is told by a building society manager that her mortgage application cannot be accepted. She tries to return the £5,000 gift to its owner but is confused when Zoe admits she was not the mystery benefactor. Lord Michael stuns Lady Tara by giving her a brand new Jaguar as a present for when she gets her license back. Then he takes her breath away with a huge, sparkling diamond engagement ring.