Kathy is fighting for her life in intensive care in need of a critical operation. Waiting patiently for news is Chris her former husband. Back at Home Farm a police investigation is in full flow into both the robbery and accident. Laura explains that while Lady Tara is a co-owner of the missing horse Orsino, it is her wedding day and she must be left alone. Laura suggests the police talk to Kim the partner. When the police arrive Kim has the smug smile wiped from her face when she hears Kathy has been seriously hurt. And her face is etched with guilt when she realises her phone call was to blame. Dressed in white, Lady Tara is taken to the Register Office by Biff. It appears the two have decided to share their lives together which means a big shock for expectant groom Lord Michael. The three go into a side room where a tense and emotional discussion takes place, While the wedding guests wait patiently outside. But who will she end up with? And a new face arrives in Emmerdale as Alan's granddaughter Tricia turns up out of the blue.


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Tricia Stokes: (to Alan Turner) "I'm Tricia, Tricia Stokes. I'm your granddaughter."