Kim and Steve are over the moon when the police announce they are about to close down their incident room. They've no real leads and it seems Kim and Steve are in the clear over the robbery. But a chance remark Steve makes to Chris has his brain working overtime and it suddenly dawns on him, even though he has no hard proof they must be the culprits. Tricia talks love struck Terry into a shopping trip and with a flash of her long eyelashes has him reaching for his cheque book. Paddy arrives with trepidation for his date with former sweetheart Jane. When she arrives his eyes nearly pop out of his head. For plain Jane has blossomed into a real beauty. Ned is behaving strangely around the Sugdens, leaving Jack to joke that Ned has a crush on Sarah. Sarah and Betty stand up to Viv over her continued blame of the Dingles for the accident. Eric further drives Graham away from Rachel by telling him about her affair with Chris.


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