The seeds of doubt are racing through Mandy's mind as she prepares to marry Butch tomorrow. With her thoughts firmly focused on saving the family home she has no trouble dealing with the worries of Ashley and Kelly. But when Paddy returns from Venice early and tries to dissuade her, she's caught in the horns of a dilemma. Can she possibly go through with it and face losing the man she really loves? Ashley's gospel band turn out to be a bunch of skinheads up from the smoke and intent on causing trouble. But when a fight breaks out and Terry flexes his muscles, he draws admiring glances from several quarters. Scott has seduced Tricia and is keen for second helpings. But she's worried because of the situation with Terry who still wants her to go to Scotland with him to run a theme pub. And the Windsor and Sugden matriarchs are at each others throats when they are seated side by side in Kathy's Diner. Jack and Vic do their best to calm the women, but quickly realise they might as well not bother.


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