Kim has been arrested by the police on charges of theft and fraud - and for the first time in her life looks in real trouble, her hopes are lifted then dashed when an application for bail is granted ,.. on condition of a £25,000 bond. Chris watches gleefully from the public gallery but is heading for a stormy confrontation with his sister Zoe who still believes Kim to be innocent. Steve calls on Chris when the police appear to turn a blind eye to the help he's given bringing Kim to book. But Chris now has what he wants and as far as he's concerned Steve can help him no further. Kathy takes the news of Kim's arrest and court appearance badly. And Biff starts to worry about her when 40 crates of lemonade arrives ~ apparently on her orders. Alan allows Terry to move back into The Woolpack after hearing how he's been looking out for Tricia. If only he knew the real story! And Kelly asks Alan if she can have her 18th birthday bash at the village hall. He's reluctant after the way Will's party ended - but Tricia convinces him to give it a try.