Poor Kathy knows she's suffering some kind of reaction to the terrible accident she was in. She is finding it difficult to control her mood swings and is in danger of alienating all her friends - despite their best intentions. She flies into a panic believing Alice is missing, when in fact her niece is exactly where she dropped her off - at Rachel's. But when Betty suggests she out to see a doctor Kathy flies into a terrible rage. Tricia and Terry have spent the night together. He's like a child with candy, but she's deeply upset at what she's done. Later she beaks down and confesses to Scott what's happened and the two of them fall into a deep embrace. Ned takes a bundle of old junk from his house for a reluctant Eric to cast his eye over. Later while sifting through the items Eric's face suddenly lights up when he discovers a valuable Steiff teddy bear. But how can he prise it away from Ned? Bernice receives a huge bunch of flowers and thinks they're from Biff. Her mood changes when she discovers who her admirer is.


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